I haven’t blogged in a while but I have no pictures right now, so I’m just going to share some memories from my trip to Malawi last summer.

1453254_10152298136153457_8869277045356296090_n copy


Here I am with some of the kids one afternoon, taking photos. They LOVE photos! Once they saw a camera out, they would all swarm around you, and then giggle and laugh when you showed them the photos.


This was driving to church one day. We had a LOT of people crammed into that truck! Our whole team (27 people) plus a lot of the Teen Missions staff and BMW students. Another time we took a small pickup truck to church… we took two trips because we had so many people. I was in the second trip, with 22 people in the bed of the pickup truck! It was crazy… in Africa, ‘There’s always room for one more!’ It’s so true, though. You don’t realize how many people you can fit until you have two dozen people and realize that it’s not too bad.

teen missions, travel, truck, africa

This is the same truck as in the above picture. This was taken when we first got to Malawi, in the airport parking lot. We were really wondering how we were going to manage to fit 27 people and 50 duffel bags in that truck! But we did it!

Those are pictures of us in that truck, with 50 duffel bags… driving all day from Chipoka to Rumphi. Fun!

Here I am washing my dishes in Chipoka. We stayed in Chipoka for two days when we first got to Malawi, then drove to Rumphi where we spent most of our time. We returned to Chipoka at the end of our trip for about a week before flying back to Florida.

teen missions, water, laundry, bucket, africa, malawi, well drilling

Emily and I washing our laundry! We are in the middle of our tent site, with the drill in the background.

How precious are these two?! Ainslie and Nadia with this sweet little girl. Every day we got to play with the kids before dinner.



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