Camping, Stories, and Sisters


Camping, stories, and sisters… also known as, “I’m not really sure what to call this blog post because I’m writing about like three different things but nothing major so…”

This weekend we get to go camping for a few days… fun! The forecast is rain and there’s a burn ban… but I’m determined that we’ll have fun anyways!

In one of my classes this quarter, everyone has to write a children’s story… so that’s been fun. If I have a really long time to do something I tend to put it off forever, so that’s why we’re what, a third of the way into the quarter maybe? And I’ve just chosen what to write it on. It took a while! Well no it took a while to actually sit down and brainstorm… then about three minutes and I had my story. Anyways so that’s fun!


Just a few more pictures from when I went to Canada. Arianna and I took about 45 selfies before I left for the airport to come home (yes, I counted. That’s a lot! I don’t even know why we took that many and they were all the same but that’s okay!) Elli joined in for a few too!



These were taken after church in Regina. Can you tell Naomi and Arianna are sisters?! They have the exact same expressions in these photos!


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