Yesterday I decided to grab mom’s 5D camera and take some photos. Should I have asked first, probably. But she was fine with it. Wow, I love this camera! It had a 28 mm 1.8 lens on it.


I just so love the bokeh I was able to get!







School is going good so far. Of course it’s hard going to school in the summer, but I’m surviving. So far my classes have not been too difficult. Math is so much fun, man. My favorite class though is Drama 101. In this class we’re not learning acting but we’re studying theater, and the history of theater. And we watch a movie every. single. class. How awesome?! That class is never boring. It helps that the professor is real great too. And he’s a real actor.  It’s an awesome class. I’m also babysitting this summer, so that’s nice! And I can drive myself because we now have this amazing babe:

Isn’t this awesome?! What a great truck. Of course a Mustang would be nice, but in the meantime I’m content with this.


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