Canada… continued.


This awesome lemonade…. I think I made this Sunday night. Idea courtesy of Arianna. Because who doesn’t want fancy lemonade at 11:30 pm?! (Also why do I always end up drinking lemonade late at night? Oh well.)

On Monday Arianna and I did this thing we had been planning to do for weeks but didn’t get around to until, of course, the day I left. We each picked out seven different foods and then took turns feeding them to the other person while they were blindfolded. So Arianna was blindfolded and I fed her some foods and she had to guess what they were. Then we switched. It was so fun! The worst thing I gave her was sweetened condensed milk which was disgusting, and the worst thing she gave me was a prune. I yelled when she put it in my mouth! It was fun though.

During this trip I was learning how to play the piano. I used to play piano when I was little, but haven’t since I was nine. But I was at grandma Jean’s and grandpa Sandy’s and I guess I spent enough time sitting despondently at the piano that Elijah offered to teach me how to play it properly. So he taught me how to play ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’. That was awesome! Thank you Elijah! Then I looked up how to play Come Thou Fount and learned part of it. Then in Calgary, Arianna taught me the rest of Come Thou Fount, as well as Blessed Assurance. On Monday morning she taught me Power in the Blood. Just the right hand though. But yeah so that’s awesome. I love playing piano. Problem is we don’t have one haha so I can’t practice. But I’ll find one somehow!

Monday evening I flew out of Calgary to Vancouver. It was just over an hour; really short! The longest flight I’ve had was 17 1/2 hours, from Ethiopia to Washington D.C. Dad and Judah picked me up in Vancouver. Then I came home. It’s been what a week and a half now… yup. Wow it seems way longer than that.

Well, that concludes my blogging on my Canada adventure!

Of course we had to take four hundred dozen selfies before I left.


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