Banana Popsicles!

Canada… continued.

On Saturday was bus ministry and then on Sunday we had church all day. So Arianna, Elijah, and I got up and went to the church at 7 where we met a few other people and we went on the church bus to pick up kids for church. It took a few hours and then we had Sunday school, and then church. Then we got back on the bus to drop the kids off. Then we went home for a while before evening church.

Hannah, Naomi, and I bicycled to the convenience store and Hannah and I bought these awesome popsicles:

These are so awesome: they are banana popsicles. The inside is ice cream and the outside well I’m not completely sure what it is. But you peel it like a banana and it’s just soooo awesome! A few years ago I saw these somewhere (maybe online) and then I tried to find them but when I googled it I could only find them in some Asian country so I sadly resigned myself to the fact that I would never get to try an awesome banana popsicle… then I saw them in Calgary so of course we had to get them!


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