Canada, Here I Come!

I am so excited to go to Calgary! (and Winnipeg) Because I’m going to Arianna’s graduation, I finished school a week early… and boy does it feel nice to be done! I took my finals yesterday and just have to turn it my English paper (but I’ve finished writing it already). I was actually a bit nervous about my finals… I didn’t think I would do well on my math final. But it actually went really well, and I think I did fine! So that’s good… then I took my books back. At my school you can apply to check out textbooks from the library so I returned the three textbooks that I had, and the calculator, and my backpack felt so light afterwards! As I was walking out to the Avalanche (our new -to us- truck!) I was sooo happy. Done with school, my backpack lighter and my assignments all finished… no more school to worry about at all! It was great. And everyone else still has one more week left… haha! Well not everyone, but Whatcom has one more week left; I finished early. It’s nice to be done. And to get to go on vacation! I’ve gone to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days with my family two or three times… a lot of camping… and I went to Colombia for two weeks and Malawi for two months. So I have travelled… but this is different… and it is going to be so fun! And I’ll be by myself haha! Well not alone… but the only one in my family. And I get to fly home… by myself. I have flown a LOT before but never by myself, so that will be an adventure. Then I come home and start school again right away… but oh well! I am so looking forward to going to Canada! Of course I go there several times a year because we have family there (I was born there!), but I get to go to Calgary, where I’ve never been before (soooo excited!) and Winnipeg, which is far away! I’m really looking forward to it. And to get to visit my cousins, because I’ve never been to Calgary or visited them before. They’ve always come here, which is great… but I’ve always wanted to visit them in Calgary. And I finally get to! I probably won’t be blogging at all while I’m gone, but you can expect a lot of pictures when I get home! I leave tomorrow afternoon… and I will be back at the beginning of July.


Arianna and I in November 2013!

img_6714 copy

Arianna and I a few weeks ago!


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