Summer Plans

This summer is going to be way different for me than I originally thought.

Eight months ago, I thought I was going to Nepal. But in reality I hadn’t talked to God about it at all; I decided to go, and since it was for a missions trip, of course God would want me to go, right? Wrong! So in January I realized that I’m not going to Nepal. That was weird. So for a month I was thinking about how I would be at home this summer! Which is what I would normally do. But last year I was in Malawi, and so I’m thinking of how weird it will be to be at home the whole summer. Then in the end of January I started thinking about going to Colombia again… then a lot of stuff happened down there that really complicated the situation, and I wasn’t sure if it would work. So we spent months talking and praying about going down there, and I thought that I was. I was planning on going to Colombia for several weeks this summer. But now I’m not! There are a lot of reasons, really. The situation there is still really uncertain, plane tickets have gone way up, if I go to Colombia that will be really soon and I don’t have the money, and a lot of other reasons, plus the fact that now I have to take more classes than I thought. I actually am twelve credits behind what I need to graduate next year. Because of a few reasons most of which are: math. Not that I’m bad at math; I just haven’t done it in a long time and didn’t really do it for a year or two so I wasn’t able to test into college level math, so I have to take math 98 and 99 at the college. Which are not college level classes so they don’t count as college credits… plus I took a three credit class winter quarter (on accident) which makes me a bit behind. I didn’t know any of this until Friday when I went to register for classes. I didn’t know what to do, because I wasn’t expecting that at ALL, so I registered for four classes in the fall, because if I change my mind I can just switch classes, but I didn’t know what to do. So I was talking to my parents about this, and what logically makes sense is for me to take classes this summer so I won’t be behind and I’ll be able to graduate on time without worrying about taking more classes than normal. So, sadly, I don’t get to go to Colombia this summer, and I get to go to school instead. Hooray. Well, at least summer quarter is only two months instead of the normal three.

But there is one good thing! I will get to go to Arianna’s graduation. Which also means that I get to finish school a week early because I’ll be gone for the last week. Which I’m happy about, haha! I will get the work done either way, so getting it done a week early is good. I’ll just have to study extra hard this week because I’ll be taking finals on Friday. It will be a bit difficult, but worth it! Elijah is still with us, and so when Grandma Jean and Grandpa Sandy go to Arianna’s graduation, they will take Elijah back home with them. So I will go with them too! We’re leaving next week. Yay! I can’t wait to see my cousin again and to get to visit Calgary! After Arianna’s graduation I’ll go to Calgary with her family and stay there until the end of this month (which is about a week, that I’ll be there) and then come home in time for school to start again. I’m so excited to get to go visit Calgary! I haven’t been there before, but have always wanted to go! So I am super looking forward to that!


I can’t wait to see this girl again!



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