The Statler Brothers

This morning I was on Facebook and I saw something by Ray Comfort. I started following him a while ago, and I really like his posts. The one I saw this morning was about rock music. It said something to the effect of, ‘someone recently asked me what’s the matter with rock music…’ I kept reading, because I was interested. I listen to a lot of music, and I was interested in why people have a problem with rock. Ray Comfort had linked a part of his book, “How to Win Souls & Influence People”. The chapters were talking about rock music throughout the years, and what it typically is like. I can’t really explain everything that it said about rock music, but if you click on the above link you can read it for yourself. I think it was some really good stuff. I don’t listen to a ton of rock, but there is some that I like. This made me think, though. Plus, someone else commented, “Why sing to the world when you can sing to Jesus?” And I think that’s a really good point! So not to say that I’m never going to listen to secular music again, but I am thinking more about what I listen to. What is it saying? What kinds of things does the music talk about? Because those are important things to think about. I just was thinking about this today and wanted to share it!

On the subject of music, I just found a new favorite band! I hadn’t sung hymns for five years, except every now and then, and then I went to this Baptist church with my cousins and I loved the music. So I was listening to music online and I wanted to listen to some of the hymns that I like. While searching for hymns, I found the Statler Brothers. What! They are so good! (albeit a bit old, haha!) They are hymn/gospel type music, as well as country. Some of my favorites (that I have heard so far) are Fourth Man, I’m Feeling Fine, and Do You Know You Are My Sunshine? I don’t really like all of their stuff, some of it is too country for me (I’m not a huge fan of country music) but a lot of it is great! Below is Fourth Man, one of my favorites, and Do You Know You Are My Sunshine.


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