Presidential Elections and Elimination

Today I was in the hammock with Apollo. I’m not sure how this came up, but we started talking about presidents. I ended up explaining to him the process of electing a president. When I told him that in two years we’ll have a different president than president Obama, he was shocked. “What?! Really?!” I guess he had never heard of the concept of having a different president, before. I told him that there were a lot of different people who were going to try to be president. I listed off a few… Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio… “George Washington?” He asked. I explained that George Washington was a president, but he’s dead now. I explained that we have had a lot of different presidents. Then I explained what a presidential term is and that you can only serve two terms. I told him that Obama had already served two terms, so we’ll elect a new president. Then I explained how you vote. I told him how you register to vote; that you have to be 18 and a citizen of the United States to vote. I explained that Dad didn’t used to be a citizen, but now he is, so now he can vote. I can vote because I’m an American citizen, and Canadian. I told him how Dad and I could never be presidents of the United States, because we weren’t born here- but we’re still citizens. Then I told him how ballots are mailed to you, and how you fill them out and mail them back.

A few minutes later, he said something about knowing that one thing wasn’t this because the other thing was, so the first thing must be that. “Like when mom’s putting my shoes on and she already put one on and I know the other one is the right one.” He said. “Hey, good job! That’s using the process of elimination!” I said. “That’s like if you said, ‘these are blue and red. I want to know which one is blue. I know that this one is red, so I can eliminate that option and the other one must be red.'” He got really excited that he can ‘eliminate’ things! I’m not sure he quite got the point, even though I explained it a few times, but he sure had fun saying, “I eliminate that car!” and “I eliminate that tree!”

I love Apollo. He’s always saying the funniest (and weirdest) things. And since he has so many older siblings, he’s interested in things like… presidential elections. And how you vote. Of course he’s also an almost-five-year-old, so that shows through too… but point being, he’s cute!


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