Saturday was a sad day, because Aunt Tara, Arianna, Naomi, Hannah, and Elli left. They stayed with us for about two weeks, and it was amazing. We did so many fun things! We went to the lake, shopping, watched movies, stayed up late every night, played games, went on walks, to church, hiking, and did all kinds of things together. Elijah started going to work with Enoch every day, and twice Arianna came to school with me. She got to see my wonderfully boring schedule: Get to school at 7 or 8. Do homework. Have nothing to do for hours. Have class at 12:30. Get done at 4. Leave school at 4 or 5. Ah the joys of carpooling. Oh well. I probably have lots that I could be doing in those hours I have at school and I have started doing more recently, so that’s good! And next year I will be the only one in our family going to Whatcom, so I can schedule my classes however I want and I’m excited for that. It’ll be weird going to school alone every day (Judah and I have been driving together all year) but hopefully it will be nice too. I can’t believe Judah’s going to CWU in the fall. It’s so soon! It’s weird. Since we have so many kids so close together, it’s like once one starts growing up, they all do. Adalia went to college and then got married and left, Judah’s going away to university in the fall, and I’m almost done with my first year of college! How crazy is that!

There are so many fun things that we did together, and I can’t write them all. Family is the best. We don’t see each other very often (like once or twice a year) but when we do, we pick up right where we left off and have the best time. One Friday, we went to the lake in the morning. It was so much fun. The water was kind of cold, but not too bad once you got used to it! I think on Thursday, the family went to the ocean, but Arianna and I were at school, and couldn’t join them, sadly. And Elli… that girl is the sassiest little child I know! She is soooo funny and I love her so much. She’s the cutest! Naomi and Hannah are so fun too! We all had such a great time. Elijah stayed with us! He’s going to be staying with us until the fifteenth of this month, when my grandparents visit his family for Arianna’s graduation. I’m glad he gets to stay longer! We were all hoping he would be able to, so we’re excited.


Arianna and I… oh how I love this girl. We have emailed so much in the last two days! On Saturday before she left, we went on a walk together. It was fun! Besides the part where we saw a small black and yellow bird squashed completely flat. I gasped and started freaking out because it was so dead and ahhh it was terrible. Then Arianna saw a snake and screamed and I saw a centipede and screamed and Jubilee and Naomi, who were walking some distance behind us, wanted to know what was the matter. Ah, good times. (we all survived. Well. Except the bird.) It was such a nice day, too nice for goodbyes. But they had to leave, and so it goes. But after the initial sadness, it’s not as bad as it has been before, because although Arianna is my best friend and I love her to death, we have been, like I said, emailed a lot! We have already exchanged about 18 emails or so, since Saturday.

Today I decided I did not want to waste hours doing nothing (because who does; I hate it!) so I did my homework as usual, then read my Bible and prayed, which was nice because usually I don’t do that at school, but that’s when I have the most time for it! I emailed Arianna, and studied some more, and listened to my iPod, and ate lunch. I first had math, then English, and finally Spanish. Then mom picked me up and we went to grandma and grandpa’s, because they live right by the college, and it’s grandpa’s birthday today. We took him cheesecake and some cards from the little kids. We visited for a few minutes and then we came home. It was a good day!



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