Arianna’s Birthday!

My aunt Tara and cousins Arianna, Elijah, Naomi, Hannah, and Elli have been staying with us for a week and a half now. (Uncle Derek had to go back home to work) It’s been so much fun! Arianna is my best friend so it’s been awesome having her- and everyone- here! We only see our cousins once or twice a year because they live in Calgary and we live in Bellingham. Usually it’s not for very long either, so everyone was excited that they get to stay two weeks! Arianna’s birthday was on Saturday, so we had a party for her. (She’s 18 now!)



It was so much fun! We’ve done a lot of fun things with our cousins so far. We went to the lake, we had Arianna’s party, we went to church with our cousins, we had a game night, we went to a picnic, we went shopping, and we’ve stayed up late pretty much every night. Who needs sleep?!

I’m so thankful for this girl. Arianna is my best friend and she’s amazing. We actually used to live together… I guess when I was born we were living in their basement (I just found this out. How cool is that?!) Of course I don’t remember when we lived together because I was a baby, but we’ve always been such good friends. When we were little, whenever we would get together we would all dress up like Indians and build teepees and play all day long.

(These two pictures are from last year when Adalia got married)


I’m so glad I get to have this girl in my life. She’s amazing!


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