I Can’t Lip Sync Without Crying

Today mom went grocery shopping and Kalina, Jubilee, and I went with her. We have a lot of CDs that we keep in the van and we were listening to one that we had been listening to for days and therefore were starting to get a little sick of. So I popped in a different CD: Teach Me Japanese. Now the reason we have this CD is because five years ago Adalia was really into Japan, and when mom found out that someone she knew was teaching a Japanese class, she signed her up. Me? I got to take the class too, because hey, why not learn Japanese?! So along with the books we needed for the class, we bought a few other books like ‘First 100 Words in Japanese’ and ‘Teach Me Japanese’. The latter was a book of songs with a CD, and although I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in that class, I do remember two songs that I learned. One is Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, which our teacher taught to the whole class, and the other one, Sakura, I learned from the CD.

As we drive, I put the CD in and skip to the track I want: Sakura. Because really what’s the point of listening to music in Japanese if you can’t sing along?! (Because Japanese kids singing sound adorable, that’s why. But still) I tried to find the song on youtube but I didn’t really have much luck and I don’t want to spend an hour looking for a song on there. So here are the words:


Sakura, sakura

no yamamo satomo

miwatashu kagiri

kasumika kumo ka

asahini niou

sakura sakura hanazakari

I’m pretty sure the spelling’s all good. This is a song about cherry blossoms. Sakura means ‘cherry blossom’ in Japanese. The next song I know is Atama Kata Hiza Ashi and it goes like this:

Atama Kata Hiza Ashi

Atama kata hiza ashi, hiza ashi

atama kata hiza ashi, hiza ashi

me to mimi to kuchi to hana

atama kata hiza ashi hiza ashi

This is ‘Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes’.

So those are the two songs I know in Japanese! I also know the numbers up to 8 (I’m pretty sure, at least…): Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, sichi, hachi. And I can say ‘Hi, my name is Yoshiko’ (Yoshiko was my Japanese name- we all had a Japanese name for the class!) Konichiwa, watashiwa onamaino Yoshiko des. And that’s about all I know.

So the crying part?

Well as we’re driving home Kalina is, apparently, crying.

“You’re crying?!” Jubilee asks.

“That’s because I’m trying to lip-sync and I can’t lip-sync without crying” Kalina answers.

Hmm. Okay then. Love ya sis!


Some pictures from last May of Kalina, Avi, and I with our amazing cousin Arianna (Seriously she is the best!) Also, there are cherry blossoms on the tree in the background so it’s sort of relevant to this post!


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