To the Drunk Guys Outside the DOL

This week I’ve been working on driving so I can get my license! On Tuesday I went to grandma Cindy’s and she taught me how to parallel park.

To the drunk guys sitting outside the DOL (department of licensing) that day laughing and shouting instructions at me: I’m glad I could provide a source of entertainment for you as I messed up again and again for an hour until I finally got it down pretty well.

On Wednesday I went to the driving school and took the written test and the drive skills test. I passed both of them, but I didn’t get my license yet because we had to get home. Today though, we’re going to the DOL and I can finally get my license! Let me just say I’m really excited!


2 thoughts on “To the Drunk Guys Outside the DOL

  1. congrats! I remember when I first got my license…it’s such a big step…can’t believe it’s already been nearly 10 years since then!

    the photos are amazing!!!

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