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Today I was babysitting for one of my mom’s friends, Jennifer (who is a photographer). After babysitting, mom came to pick me up (I can drive once I take the test and get my license…. sometime next week!) and she stayed for a while and we ate dinner and played with camera flashes. I also brought my camera because I knew mom and her friend would be taking pictures, and also because I just bought this super great mini leather backpack that fits my camera, so now I can take it anywhere with me without needing my silly camera bag.

I was playing outside with the kids before mom came (do I win the ‘best multitasker’ award for being able to have a lightsaber battle and drink coffee at the same time?). Being photographers we all had our cameras out and mom let me use her macro lens so I was able to get some great pictures of these snails, which were all over a few bushes in the front yard.

Also, these kids are so funny (and cute)! Susannah (3) asked me at one point, ‘where’s your daughter?’ ‘I don’t have a daughter,’ I laughed, ‘I’m not married’ (not to mention I’m sixteen…) ‘Do you think I should have a daughter?’ I asked her. ‘Yeah.’ ‘What do you think my daughter’s name should be?’ I asked (she had just been naming everything I drew- fish, flowers, a sun, all of it!). ‘Kelly.’ She responded. Okay then! Half the time people think my name is Kelly so maybe that would be a good name for a daughter… who knows?! (Well, I guess Susannah does…)

So here are just a few pictures from today… more to come later! (Oh how I love mom’s macro lens!)

Snails-6199 copy Snails-6209 copy copySnails-6203 copy copy


4 thoughts on “Snails

  1. Hi Tilly! My name is Hannah, I’m fifteen and I come from a family of ten. I’ve read your mom’s blog for quite some time now, and recently came across your blog, and I just wanted to say I really like the things you post. It has helped me with some things that I’ve struggled with in my life. I love your honesty and straight forwardness. So thank you so much!


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