I just realized that the first day of spring is in just about two weeks. Wow! And daylight savings is tomorrow?! Crazy. This year so far has gone by very quickly… it’s been great, actually.

Lately I’ve been working on school, school, and oh- school. When I’m at school but I don’t have class I usually go on the computer and work on homework, and okay yeah homework isn’t all I do, but hey. I’ve been listening to Latino music on Spotify recently. I love Latino music… the one problem is that it’s in Spanish so I don’t really know what the words are… so I could be listening to some really terrible music and have no idea. Oh well!

When I blog, I like to use pictures because let’s be honest who wants to read a blog with no pictures? Some people, I know. But it’s a lot better with pictures. I didn’t have any pictures that I hadn’t posted yet, and I’d been wanting to take some outside for a while because it’s been so nice. So I grabbed my camera, put mom’s 85 mm 1.8 lens on it, and headed outdoors. Before I had been out there for very long, Avi asked me to take pictures of her, so of course I did.


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