Hey there!

Today is a pretty great day because it’s Adalia’s birthday! Adalia is pretty much everything you could want in an older sister.


You gotta say, we were (and still are, of course) pretty adorable!


Last May, she got married to Ben and they live in New Zealand together.

She’s kind and funny and all right, she’s occasionally mean, but sisters have to be, right? It wouldn’t be the same if we were never mad at each other. We’ve done the most immature things together and we’ve made amazing memories together. We’ve spent hours and hours every day playing silly make-believe games, but those times mean everything. I seriously had the best childhood. Summer days spent playing outside galloping around the front yard like horses, or jumping on the trampoline and playing Fortsville.


We spent countless hours hiking together.

We spent way too much time obsessing over The Hunger Games and listening to this song way too many times to admit.

We weren’t embarrassed to take dozens of terrible selfies and then post them on Facebook (although we probably should have been).

We went to the Deming Logging Show and ate *gasp* cotton candy!


Yes, that happened, too.

Then Adalia went to Honduras with Teen Missions International and met Ben.





Adalia is an amazing sister and friend. I’m so grateful for her! It seems crazy that she’s already married, and she’s 19 now! We’re not supposed to be that old yet… but we are, and in reality, growing up hasn’t been terrible so far. It’s been pretty fantastic, and even though she’s in New Zealand now, I’m so happy for her. The other night I was listening to my iPod and came across one of the songs that was played at Ben and Adalia’s wedding. Listening to it I was transported back to that week, the mixed emotions and knowing that although she’ll always be my sister and friend, it won’t be the same, ever again. But it’s okay, because that what it means to grow up. Things change and that’s okay. And it’s okay to be sad about it. But at the same time, we’re both happy and that’s great. We’re growing up, and it’s turned out to be such an exciting adventure so far for both of us.



Here’s to you Adalia! I hope you have the best birthday!



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