I went to Colombia in October 2013, and I never posted about it on this blog, so here you go! 

In October I had the awesome, amazing, wonderful, eye-opening, incredible opportunity to go to Colombia, South America for two weeks. It was amazing, and a million other adjectives I can’t think of. Just take my word for it. It was incredible. Anyhow, so I went with my grandma Jean and grandpa Sandy, as well as four others. We stayed with Russell Stendal and his family and we were teaching Indian ladies from the Paez tribe how to knit and crochet. 9451 webcopyWe got to Bogota on October 1(Tuesday), and the next two days we spent driving from Bogota to Cali. On Saturday we visited the Paez village, and on Sunday we visited another village, the Guambiano village. Monday through Friday we taught the ladies how to knit/crochet. We took four hockey bags stuffed full of yarn, and by the end of the week, it was all gone. Saturday we went to Popoyan to visit Dr. Jeny, a lady who owns a daycare for children of prostitutes, and on Sunday we went shopping in Cali. Monday was the last day with the Indian ladies, and we had them bring everything they made over the week (the three pictures at the bottom of this post!) and everyone show off what they’d made! We flew back to Bogota that night, and left the next day. It was such an amazing experience. I wish I could go back to Colombia right now! I took over a thousand pictures, so of course this is only some of them! But wow it was awesome.

IMG_9437 web
IMG_9251 (2) webDriving from Bogota to Cali.
IMG_9127 webBogota
IMG_9141 web IMG_9319 web IMG_9350 webAt the Paez village!IMG_9351bw web IMG_9352 web IMG_9353 web IMG_9362 webSammy (Russell’s son-in-law) talking to the village leader. IMG_9379 webThe village’s school/churchIMG_9400 web IMG_9402 bw web IMG_9403 bw web IMG_9453 bw webOur project was to teach 32 Indian ladies from a village near Cali how to knit and crochet. They were super fast learners and barely needed any help at all!

IMG_9627 webThe ladies knitting!IMG_9559 webCarol, one of the ladies who traveled from Canada with us, with one of the Indian ladies.IMG_9567 web

While we were there, Greg Musselman, videographer for Voice of the Martyrs, was also there. He was filming for a video documenting the suffering of some of the Paez Indians. IMG_9610 web
Alethia (Russell’s second daughter)IMG_9653 web The ladies knitting/crocheting!IMG_9673 web IMG_9612 webRussell and Greg with the two ladies whose husbands were tortured for their faith.

IMG_9605 webGrandma Jean with the two ladies.

IMG_9687 web IMG_0143 (2) webThe things the ladies made!IMG_0149 web IMG_0151 (2) web

IMG_9540 webWith the Indian ladies!

IMG_9513 webour lunch at the Guambiano village on Sunday!

IMG_9532 webTwo of the Paez ladies, Enith and Jeny, wearing the traditional Paez dress!

IMG_9494 web

IMG_9490 web

IMG_9493 webOne of my favorite parts was when we were at the village and we passed out candy to the kids!

IMG_9508 bw webOne of my favorite pictures of the Paez children!



4 thoughts on “Colombia

  1. Wow what an amazing experience. Thank your sharing such amazing pictures. I love how the women were learning how to crochet and knit. I am of South American descent. My parents are from Bolivia. Seeing these kids reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of my mom and her siblings when they were younger. God bless and thanks again for sharing!

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