Clayton Beach!

We’ve been kind of busy lately, but then again, I say that all the time. Judah was in the Ski-to-Sea on Sunday. Enoch and I were watching a movie last night, The Book Thief. It’s a great movie, I loved it! There was just this funny part that we laughed so hard at. The guy was leaning against a wall and he smiled and right as he smiled, the air raid sirens (the movie is set in Germany during WWII) start going off, but it looked like the guy was making that sound… We called Judah down (This was after he got back from the Ski-to-Sea, he was upstairs doing his online schoolwork) and showed it to him. We watched it over and over again. Like 7 times. It wasn’t really that funny, except that it was, to us. Plus I was pretty tired! Anyways, humor aside, The Book Thief is an incredible movie and it’s definitely one of my favorite movies. It’s one of those movies I can’t really describe because words can’t do it justice (funny, since the movie is about words!) and all I can say is just watch it. It is so, so, so good.

This morning Judah, Mom, and I went to Goodwill to get some clothes for mine and Judah’s mission trips. I needed some skirts (in Malawi girls/women always wear skirts) and Judah needed some pants I think. We both got what we needed, but it was super busy because there was a sale. We had to wait in line to try on things and there was a long line to check out too. Finally mom and I just left because I was meeting my Venture Crew for a hike and we were going to be late if we stayed any longer. After mom dropped me off, she went back and picked up Judah, who she’d left in line, and had already checked out and paid by that time.

The hike wasn’t really much of a hike after all. We ended up going to Clayton Beach instead of Fragrance Lake. It was really fun! At one point we found a big teeter-totter made out of some logs, which was lots of fun. When we were heading back towards the trailhead, we took a side path that meets back up with the main path eventually. When we got to the spot where the paths meet up, though, a tree had fallen over and was blocking out way down. We thought about turning around and going back to the main trail, but we decided (well, really, I made an executive decision) to keep going on the trail and see where it went. Well the trail disappeared after a while. We kept going. Eventually I wasn’t so sure that if we turned around I’d be able to find my way back to the small trail (Shannon probably would have been able to though). We kept going though, and eventually, after trekking through wet ferns and foliage, mud, and a raging creek (that was about 3 inches deep…), we finally found a path which we followed back to the main trail and trailhead. I should also add that Shannon, Laura, and Betty were barefoot during this whole endeavor. Mrs. Mallory, Kat, and I kept our shoes on! Towards the end, our fate was uncertain, but we kept plodding ahead, knowing that whatever the future had in store for us couldn’t be any worse than what we had just experienced… (okay, I’m being a bit melodramatic. It was fine.) (thanks for the pictures, Mrs. Mallory!)

IMG_2888Betty, Shannon, Kat, Laura, and Me.


Betty, Shannon, Kat, Laura, and me. I don’t really know what to call this. A teepee shelter thing? I don’t know…


Betty, Me, Kat, Shannon, and Laura on the teeter-totter!


Shannon, Me, Betty, Kat, and Laura.


Laura and Betty… barefoot in the mud!


We survived! Shannon, Laura, Kat, Betty, Me.


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