Battery Grip!!!

Yesterday I got a battery grip for my camera. It’s a Canon Rebel XT and uses rechargeable batteries, but when I’m on my mission trip, I won’t be able to charge the batteries. I really, really want to take my camera though. So we ordered a battery grip, which fits in the battery slot and around the side of the camera and can hold either 2 rechargeable batteries OR 6 AA batteries. This way I can just take AAs and won’t have to worry about my batteries dying and not being able to take pictures.

(all pictures taken with my mom’s iPhone)

photo 2

The box shows a diagram of what the grip looks like in the camera(above), and what it looks like on its own (below).photo 1photo 2

This is what my camera looks like with the grip. As you can see, my camera’s kind of old (I bought it used when I was 11… over 4 years ago!) but it still works great!

photo 3 photo 4 photo 4

The part below holds 6 AA batteries and slides inside the main part of the grip (photo above). The part that sticks out on the grip goes into the battery compartment, and the grip is also secured to the camera by a screw in the grip (you can see it sticking out of the side of the grip above).

photo 5

I’m so glad I got this battery grip because I would hate to not have my nice camera in Malawi. It’s less than 2 weeks until me and Judah leave!


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