It’s Been A While

We’ve been sort of busy since Adalia left, so it’s been a while since I blogged. It’s been kind of weird having Adalia gone, and kind of not weird. It’s definitely a change, but this past year she’s been working and going to school, so she’s been gone all day. We all got used to not seeing her very often, usually just on weekends and evenings. That’s not to say it’s been easy adjusting to her being gone, though, it’s been hard! I really miss her. At the same time, our family has sort of got used to Adalia being gone, and it’s okay. We got to Skype Adalia yesterday for about half an hour, which was great!

With Adalia gone, I now have my own room. It’s weird. For a month I was sleeping in the little girls’ room because we had members of Ben’s family staying here (which was great, and it felt weird when we had no Stevens’ in the house after they left!). So having my own room now is definitely a change. I love it, but I do miss sharing with Adalia too. (even though she could get a bit messy at times ; ) It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s been two weeks since Adalia and Ben got married. It doesn’t seem like it’s been one week (and two days) since Jason left. Rather, it feels like weeks or months even. On Wednesday we got paint for my room and I painted it, a light turquoise-y color. I’ve been working on rearranging it (no more bunk bed!) and cleaning and organizing it since then. I’m nearly finished, I think I just have a few pictures to put on the walls and then I should be done! Anyways, I’m getting really close! (It really wouldn’t take me days to get my room cleaned and organized, but we’ve been pretty busy these past few days, so I haven’t had all day to do it)

I leave for my mission trip to Malawi with Teen Missions International in 3 weeks! Judah (who’s going to Guatemala with TMI) and I leave June 6. It’s coming up really fast here! I have most of my support raised, too. The trip costs $4,990 and I now have only $906 left to send in! That’s still a lot, but it’s a lot less than what it was before, and I’ve been babysitting a lot, and just got several donations last week. I’m really looking forward to it!


Adalia a looonngggg time ago (well, actually I think two years ago)


Ben and Adalia last June


Judah (this photo took *many* tries) December 2013


Adalia, probably 2 years ago.




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