May 12

On Friday, Adalia and Ben came over for lunch before heading of for New Zealand. They got their luggage weighed and packed in the van and then we played some card games and had lunch and took a few last-minute photos. Me, Enoch, and Jason got to accompany dad to take them to the airport in Vancouver. Before we left, everyone gathered on the deck to say goodbye. It was kind of awful. The drive to the Vancouver airport took a while, so it was nice to be able to spend that extra bit of time with Adalia and Ben. Grandma Jean, Grandpa Sandy, and our cousin Alanna met us at the airport, so they could see Adalia and Ben again before they left. It was so weird watching Adalia and Ben walk through the gate and knowing it’ll be a really long time before I see her again in person. It was sad, but exciting to watch them begin this new adventure of their lives together. Before we left a lady who was acting weird handed Jason a half-full bottle of whisky she’d just been drinking out of. Jason politely took it, and then put it in the trash. (but not before taking a picture to post on Facebook, haha) Grandma and Grandpa took us out to a restaurant for dinner, which was really nice, and then we went home. Sunday morning Jason left, and now we have no Stevens in the house. Claire, Ben’s sister, was staying with us from the 10th of April to the 6th of May, and Jason stayed with us from May 5 to May 11. With all our guests, and Adalia, gone, I have my own room now. It’s weird. In fact I haven’t slept in it yet because people were staying here so I was sleeping with the little girls, and we’re going to be painting it these next few days. It’s so weird to have Adalia gone.

Here are a few more pictures from when our cousins were here.

20140504_1075 copy

Apollo and Arianna

20140504_1076 copy

Apollo and Arianna

20140504_1082 copy

Isabella and Arianna

20140504_1083 copy


20140504_1085 copy


20140504_1086 copy


20140504_1092 copy




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