My Sister is Married

baby adalia 2 copyAdalia and Daddy


Adalia and Ben about a week ago

IMG_2417 blog

Adalia and Ben in New Zealand after Ben proposed.

20140428_0443 copy

Adalia and Ben on the day Ben got here

ice cream storyboard 1

Ben and Adalia in New Zealand in December


Me ad Adalia in 2004








Me and Adalia in 2012


Me and Adalia a few weeks ago


Devon decorating Ben and Adalia’s cake on Monday night

20140507_1240 copy

Jason, Ben’s brother, on Monday night

20140507_1227 copy

Grandpa Sandy and Grandma Jean on Tuesday morning- Adalia and Ben got married on grandma and grandpa’s anniversary!20140507_1224 copy

Ginny doing Adalia’s hair on Tuesday morning.

20140507_1213 copy

Devon, Ginny, and Adalia getting ready on Tuesday morning.

Adalia and Ben got married in a little log cabin on Whidbey Island on Tuesday morning. On Monday, Ben and Adalia went to Seattle to pick up Adalia’s friend Ginny. They went to the cabin together and started getting furniture moved around and things ready. Dad, Jason (one of Ben’s brothers), Claire (Ben’s sister), Judah, Enoch, and I got everything loaded into the van and left for the cabin on Monday afternoon. We got there about 5 and Ben, Adalia, and Ginny were already there. Devon showed up a while later (after some trouble with a flat tire). We got ready what we could, and then practiced what was going to happen the next morning. Dad and Ben, Jason, Judah, and Enoch went home at about 7 or 8. We girls stayed up a while longer, doing everything we could that didn’t have to wait until the next morning. We went to bed and got up early on Tuesday morning. Claire got all of our family’s wedding clothes, which we had brought the day before, and ironed them and hung them up in the bathroom so they’d be easy to find. We started getting lunch ready, and then we all did our hair and makeup. The morning went really fast. Ginny did Adalia’s hair, Grandma Jean and Grandpa Sandy showed up early, which wasn’t a problem at all, the photographers showed up, the family showed up and got dressed, Ben got the Livestream set up (they were able to livestream the wedding so friends and family could watch). Eleven o’clock came and went, as we were still waiting for a few people and the livestream wasn’t completely ready yet. At eleven twenty the wedding started. Adalia looked so beautiful walking down those stairs and you could see the excitement in her and Ben’s faces. They’re so happy! I’m so excited and happy for them. We get to see them on Friday before they leave for New Zealand. I miss Adalia tons but I’m so happy for her and Ben!


The happy couple!



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