On Saturday we had an open house reception for Adalia and Ben (the wedding is immediate family only, so this was a chance for friends and extended family to meet Ben and wish them farewell). We had relatives come who we hadn’t seen for years so it was great to see everyone again! I got to meet my cousin Isabella for the first time (she’s nine months)!

I took some pictures on Saturday but I haven’t edited a lot (but I did take a bunch of pictures on mom’s and grandma’s iPhones) yet because I’m so tired. Here are the ones I do have edited.
20140504_1006 copy

Arianna and Adalia

20140504_1010 copy

Arianna, Elli, and Adalia

20140504_1058 copy

Judah with Elli and Apollo (they all smiled at some point but not at the same time!)

20140504_1099 copy

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Derek, Dad, Aunt Michelle

20140503_0881 FB

Kalina, Arianna, and Me (photo by Mom)

We had so much fun with our cousins, we watched movies and ate candy and talked and laughed, as always!



2 thoughts on “Family

  1. Love the photo’s Tilly 🙂 it was so good to be able to watch the wedding, it went very well, you girls looked lovely in your Bridesmaids dresses, well looks like your going to be the big girl in in the house now 😀

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