Last night we played some games outside after dinner. First we played OUT. It’s a simple game and really fun. Two people are the throwers, and stand on the edges of the playing space. the rest of the people gather in the middle. The throwers toss the ball to each other, the first time saying O, then U, then T, and then they start throwing or kicking the ball trying to hit the other people playing the game. If you get hit, you’re out. When there’s one person left, every time the ball gets passed, the person in the middle says one letter of their name, so for example when Kalina was winning last night, ‘K’, ‘A’, ‘L’, etc. The first name, then last name, then you count up to your age. Or maybe you do that first. If the person in the middle gets all that done without getting hit they win. If they get hit, they’re out. It’s a fun game. We also played Sharks and Minnows and Red Light Green Light (or Doctor and Weeping Angels) and Red Rover. There were no major injuries while playing Red Rover, it’s not as dangerous as people make it sound. We had fun playing outside!20140428_0602 copy 20140428_0603 20140428_0604 20140428_0605 20140428_0608 20140428_0610 20140428_0611 20140428_0612 20140428_0614 20140428_0615 20140428_0616 20140428_0617 copy 20140428_0618 20140428_0623 copy 2 20140428_0625


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