50mm 1.8

Tonight is Adalia’s bridal shower. This morning I made sugar cookies, but I don’t think they really turned out very good… not really how I imagined and tried for them to look like. But whatever, since they still taste good. And really, that’s what matters most. Tonight Ben’s sister Claire gets here, too! She’ll be staying with us for almost a month. Ben doesn’t get here until the 27th I think.

In other news, I finished my English today. I still have math and science left to do. We’re also painting some of the house, so it’s kind of a mess. The dining room now has one very light blue wall and one very light brownish wall(the color is called hopsack). The living room is also the hopsack color now, and both rooms look so great! Enoch and Judah have been doing most of, if not all, the painting. Enoch also painted the bathroom the light blue a few weeks ago.

It’s really nice and warm out right now, which is great! It’s so nice when the weather starts to get warm again. Here are some more of the pictures I took the other day.

20140407_9522 copy

20140407_9516 copy

20140407_9526 copy

20140407_9542 copyThese are some more of the pictures I took yesterday. I used my Canon Rebel and the lens I used was the 50mm 1.8.


3 thoughts on “50mm 1.8

  1. I love the little mushroom on a stump photo! So cool! And I thought your cookies turned out amazing, they might not have been how you were picturing them, but I loved them 🙂 Thanks so much for making them!

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