Frozen Party!

{Most of the pictures in this post are by my mom. Here is a link to her blog post about the party!}

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged recently. I’ve been working on this post for a few days, but I couldn’t think of what to write.

My family is expert at having themed parties. We’ve had tons, ranging from Robin Hood to Hunger Games to Narnia to Chocolate. You name it, we can find a reason to celebrate it.

Frozen Party storyboard 1

Frozen Party Storyboard 2

We decided we needed to have a Frozen themed party. Me, Kalina, and Enoch had already seen most of the movie, so we helped come up with most of the ideas for the food. At our party, we watched the movie Frozen and had themed food. We got a lot of ideas from Pinterest, and the party turned out great!

20140320_8222 copy

I spent all day Wednesday in the kitchen baking for our party that night. I made sugar cookies, sugar-glass ice, jello ice/hearts, and snowball cookies.


20140320_8228 copy

20140320_8229 copy

20140320_8231 copy

This is my all-time favorite sugar cookie recipe. I use this recipe for my icing. This is the recipe for the snowball cookies and this is the recipe for the sugar glass.

For food we had pizza and popcorn as well as mini sandwiches, reindeer antlers (pretzels), melted snowmen (carrots in a container of water), Kristoff’s ice, Frozen Hearts, snowballs, snowflake cookies, snowmen cookies, build-your-own snowman kits (with marshmallows), melted Olaf (water), and blue cupcakes.

Our Frozen party was a blast!


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