6a00d8341d7c8453ef014e8ad576fb970dI took this picture of Kalina’s eye in 2012. (I’m still a little sore about the fact that it didn’t win the National Geographic Kids photography contest… come on. Most of the winning photos were awful.)


Hezekiah with the colorful hat Mom knit for him.


Judah and Me eating sandwiches at a campout.


Apollo and Me the day before I turned 13.


A caterpillar.


Enoch, Ben, Me


This little buddy, Tucker, is a great writer! He’s eight years old. The other day I found a story that he’d written, and I asked him if I could put it on my blog. He agreed, so here it is (the original spelling was adorable but not extremely decipherable, so everything should be spelled right in this post):

Middle Ages in Rome

Chapter 1

Rome was a very bad place to live back in the middle ages at least for Christians. Well as I was saying Rome was a very bad place to live did I mention it was NOT a Hobbit hole so it was not a comfortable place. So here’s the story I will tell you. Once upon a time… There was a boy named Tom. His sister’s name is Elizabeth. They were Christians of course and hobos. Tom had a 3 foot long broad sword and Elizabeth had two knives (and sheaths). They had no parents or money, they plotted against Caesar.  They were also thieves. They have never been caught stealing food or money. They planned to steal from Caesar. Day by day they got stronger and smarter. Soon they were so tricky they got two full meals a day. They started making stone tools. They made a log cabin and a stockade. They were now expert carpenters.

This story cracked me up! I especially love how he spelled ‘parents’ wrong, but nailed it on ‘stockade’. It reminded me of a story I wrote when I was six.

In 2004, we studied the Civil War. We did tons of fun activities, read books, researched key people, and wrote stories. This is the story I wrote about a young slave girl.

Runaway Slave!

By Tilly Bergeron

Once there was a slave named Jonah. The slave was a girl. She cleaned the house and picked fruit off the trees. The trees had lots of fruit. It took a long time. She hoed the gardens. She cooked the meals. Sometimes she cooked pies and cakes. They were very good. She didn’t like doing her work, but she did her work.
One day when she was dong her work she decided to run away. She decided she would do it at night. That night she snuck out of her bed and snuck into the hayloft. Then when she couldn’t see anyone going past she ran away. She ran until she couldn’t hear them.
It took her about a week to get to a lake. When she reached the lake she saw a black speck in the blue water. Just then she heard the hounds again. She stepped one step further. Just then she noticed that she had stepped into a gooey swamp. The sound of hounds got louder and louder. She looked back and saw before her eyes hounds. She could see hundreds of them. Just then one jumped into the swamp and started scratching at her shoes. Her shoes were made of buckskin.
The boat came closer and closer. Just then it stopped right where she was. There was a white man in the boat. She was very scared but the man in a very soft voice said, “Jump in”. She jumped in the boat. The man sailed away with Jonah. He stopped at a big hill. Jonah got out. The man tied the boat to a post. They walked to the top of the hill, and there stood a house.
The man and Jonah went into the house. The man’s name was Mr. Robertson. A couple weeks passed by and she learned how to do lots of things, like bake and sew. Just then Jonah remembered the doll that her mother had given her when she was two. She was now six. Now she baked pies and cakes on the stove. There was a little family with two children. It was a white family. The two children’s names were Elizabeth and Tom. They were the Reids. Mr. Robertson was their uncle. Mr. and Mrs. Reid and Tom and Elizabeth shook hands with Jonah.
A few months went by. Mrs. Reid had a baby. The baby was a boy. Mr. and Mrs. Reid decided to name their baby boy Jonathan. A few years went by. Jonathan was two and Elizabeth was twelve and Tom was fifteen. Mrs. Reid had another baby. It was a baby girl. She decided to name it Mary. Now they had four children. They had Tom and Elizabeth and Jonathan and Mary.
A few weeks went by. Elizabeth had turned fifteen and Tom had turned eighteen and Jonathan had turned four and Mary had turned two. Jonah taught Elizabeth and Mary how to make dolls like the one her mother had made for her.
Life had come easy for Jonah. Jonah was very happy. Life was easy for all of them.
The end.

I’m not sure how that qualifies as life coming ‘easily’ for Jonah. Well, actually, I wrote it, and so it makes sense to me. Life had come easy for Jonah because she had struggled for the first few years, but her escape wasn’t actually super hard, she had help from Mr. Robertson at just the right time, and in the end she was happy and had a family. So maybe it hadn’t ‘come’ easy for her, but it was easy now.

Judah also wrote a story. He was seven. The story is as follows:


By Judah Bergeron

Once there was a slave that ran away. His name was Benjamin. He was five years old. Benjamin did not want to work on the plantation. He did not want to get whipped. He saw a different slave being whipped. He felt sad for the Slave.
He decided to run away. He decided he would go at night. He would follow the north star. He was going to take a hardboiled egg and some bread.
He put the food in his sack and quietly walked of the plantation. He was scared because if he was found he would be whipped. When it was day he picked berries and then slept.
At nighttime he went again. Then he heard a hound behind him. He ran! And he ran until he didn’t hear the hounds. At day he hid in the forest. He hid deep in the forest. The hounds went deep in the forest. He zig zagged through the forest until he got back to the road. And he ran and ran.
The master was about to catch him when he disappeared. He had disappeared into the underground railroad. The master went home confused and upset. Then he got to Canada and was a free man!

I love how Benjamin packed *a* hardboiled egg and some bread… and I think the concept of the ‘underground railroad’ was lost on some of us… we didn’t realize it wasn’t an actual railroad. It was a network of people working to free slaves. I also love how Jonah and Benjamin both were able to outrun the hounds. They must be pretty fast!

I always love reading back on the stories I wrote as a kid. They are so funny. Recently I found a story I wrote when I was almost six years old.

The Mystery of the Dog’s Pajamas

by Tilly Bergeron

Once there was a dog named Anna who went to the beach and packed a towel, her bathing suit, and pajamas. She dove into the water and pretended to be a dolphin. She put on her bathing suit and dived into the water. Then she pretended to be a dolphin and then she jumped on to the shore of the beach. And plopped down on a crab. And then she dried off. A lobster came up and pinched her toe. And she screamed. Then she jumped in the water and lost her pajamas. Her dad was swimming toward the really deep part where the sharks were. She swam after him as fast as she could. She finally caught hold of his tail and pulled him back. She swam as fast as she could to the shore and dragged him running as fast as she could. And then she went to find her mother. Anna asked her mom and dad if she could open it. But her dad was not there. So she ran to the beach and swam to the bottom of the beach water. But she couldn’t find her pajamas. She saw lots of other pairs of pajamas, but she couldn’t find hers. She couldn’t see any light purple with pink polka dots. Her pajamas were light purple with pink polka dots. So finally she gave up. She went to find her dad. Then she swam up to the shore and dried of. Then she ran home. Just then someone knocked on the door. The mailman had a package. It was a big bag of candy. So she opened the bag and got a little bit of candy and gobbled it all up. She got another handful and another and gobbled it all up. And then she heard another knock on the door. Quickly and quietly she put the candy in her bedroom. There was a man in his swimming trunks at the door. He had a package in his arm. He plopped it on the couch and ran back to the beach. Her mother was washing dishes in the kitchen. She asked her parents if she could open the package. They said yes! So she tore the tape of and opened the box very quickly! She saw her pajamas. Then she remembered that she had another pair of pajamas. They were fuzzy feet pajamas with pink polka dots and they were purple. She was so excited! Finally she found her brother. She told him the story about when her pajamas got lost.

This story really makes barely any sense at all, which is part of what makes it so funny. I love that my mom wrote down/saved my stories from when I was little!

1453311_430271347072444_1117041568_nMe and Adalia around the time I wrote those stories. (The date on the photo is wrong, I wasn’t even born in January of ’98…)


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