1453311_430271347072444_1117041568_nMe and Adalia around 2004.

463695_541446655902986_122642571_oMe and Adalia hiking.


Kalina, Adalia, and Me


Me and Adalia being goofballs


Judah, Me, and Adalia in a candy shop in Leavenworth.

Me and Adalia have always been really close. She’s the oldest of us kids, and she just turned 18 last month. She’s also engaged and moving to New Zealand after she gets married in May, which is super exciting for her, but I’ll miss her a ton! Judah’s the next, at 16, and I’m third. Me and Adalia share a lot of common interests- we’re usually into the same books and movies, but our senses of style are completely different, coinciding once in a blue moon. We love to goof off and she loves to freak me out! I’ll be really sad when she leaves. Of course I’ll go visit her at some point, but it’ll take a while. On the bright side, now we’ll have someone living there to send us NZ candy! We all especially love pineapple lumps, as evidenced by this photo:


I’m super excited for her, that she’s getting married. And plus, she gets to move to the place where Narnia and Lord of The Rings was filmed. When Adalia and Mom were in NZ in December, they visited Hobbiton! And part of The Hobbit was filmed on the farm right next to the one where Ben works… pure awesomeness.

At the same time….

I’ll miss you, Adalia.



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