Photography: Spring

I love spring. Technically spring starts on March 20, but these past few days it’s been nice and warm and sunny. My favorite season is summer, but I like spring too because the trees and flowers are just starting to bloom. Three weeks ago we had a foot of snow, but I’m remaining optimistic that it’ll keep getting warmer!IMG_3340


IMG_3336The other day we were running some errands and while we were driving, Apollo was asking when we were having the Frozen party. In my family, we love having parties, and we’re really good at coming up with reasons to have parties. If you haven’t seen the movie Frozen, you should check it out. I thought it would be horrible, but it is really good! So we’re having a Frozen themed party. Apollo is really looking forward to it, and he asked how many days until the party. It’s on Wednesday, which was seven more days. I told him, ‘let’s count the days, Apollo. One, two…’ He impatiently interrupted, ‘Three, six, seven, eight, nine, Wednesday!’

Yesterday I was reading The Hobbit to Apollo. I have to admit, I never got through the Lord of The Rings books. I’m a little over halfway through the first one, but I haven’t picked it up in months. I read The Hobbit and I love it, but the other ones just take too long. Apollo asked to play with my Hobbit Legos, so I let him, and he really enjoyed listening to the book. We actually made it to the second chapter, which, believe me, took a while. Not only are the chapters long, but Apollo kept interrupting to ask questions, like ‘when’s the part where the Hobbit turns bad (meaning Gollum)’, ‘who’s Gandalf’, ‘what’s a dwarf’, ‘who’s Gandalf, again’, ‘what does Thorin look like’, ‘wait, who’s Gandalf’, and so on. I told him that where Ben (my sister Adalia’s fiance) lives is where Hobbiton is. (He lives in New Zealand). I guess Apollo was thinking about that a lot, because later he said to me, ‘Does JUST Ben’s family live in New Zealand?’


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