Easter Florals

On Sunday I wore this adorable floral dress from Old Navy, with a purple cardigan, brown boots, and white statement necklace. It was such a fun springy outfit! I am just loving how nice the weather is getting right now. Well it’s kinda iffy. Some days it is cold and ugh. Other days it is warm and sunny! I love the flowers and the warming spring sun.


And this is my friend Hannah! Sometimes you just feel like taking a selfie, so, might as well 😉 Easter Sunday was so nice and warm (if you stood in the sun and ignored the breeze) and church was really great! There were lots of people and there was such a lively spirit. Plus all the food after, yummm…


But Easter is much more than just a holiday with food, and celebrated by many with bunnies and eggs (what like where did that even come from??) It’s the day that we get to celebrate the miracle that our Savior Jesus rose from the grave and conquered death, after He died to pay the price for our sins. How amazing is that?! I am ever thankful for His love and forgiveness for us.

Cute Kids and Stripes

Hey! Guess what, the other day I spent some time with some adorable kids that I can post pictures of! Yes!


Abigail and Ella, they are so cute! Their family came over on Saturday and I spent a bit of time playing with these two and Charlotte, and my brother Apollo. They are such fun and energetic kids, and so cute too.


This dress from Old Navy is one of my favorites! The cardigan is secondhand, as are the shoes. I think the necklace might be from Charlotte Ruse, but I can’t remember. I really like it but it actually broke the other day, so I have to fix it.

And seriously guys sorry for the lame title but I can never think of what to title things…

Selfie Time!

Avi and I had some fun taking selfies together the other day! I made her- well, asked her to 😉 – take a picture of my outfit so then we were goofing off.

Here’s one of my outfits from earlier this week! I got the jacket at Labels, a consignment store. The shirt is from the Australia Zoo! The skirt is Old Navy, from Value Village. The boots are Goodwill, and the necklace is the one I made several years ago.

Crazy Makeup!

The other day I got home and Kalina and Jubilee were in the girls’ bathroom doing makeup. I walked past and Kalina freaked out, saying ‘Don’t let Tilly see!’ Well of course now I had to see. So I made her show me, and she had done this dark makeup on one side of her face. I was like, whoa… that’s cool! Let me do the other side! She thought I would freak out and I might’ve if she actually intended to wear it, but she was just having fun experimenting. So I made her let me do the other side of her face. It was really fun! She kept saying what are you doing?! Uhhh Tilly what? Why are you using that? But I was having way too much fun. Here is the finished product! She did the black side and I did the side with color. Just so you know: It IS supposed to look ridiculous.

On Sunday I wore this black pencil skirt that I got at a thrift store. In the morning I wore it with this blouse from Goodwill, cardigan that a friend gave me, and Kalina’s booties. They booties aren’t really my style but I was in a hurry and they were on the floor so I just grabbed them and put them on. In the evening I wore this shirt from Warehouse in NZ and my gray boots from Goodwill. I wore a cute necklace that I made ages ago.

Me and Avi 🙂

Vanilla Bagels

The other day I fixed myself a bagel with cream cheese and then went to do something real quick, leaving my bagel, and my lotion, on the counter. Jubilee walked in and saw this and thought I put vanilla lotion on my bagel. Nah, sorry! I do like vanilla but I think I’ll pass on this one!

Also, I love this cardigan that I found at an op shop!

It is so cute! The other day I wore it with a gray t-shirt from Walmart, this denim skirt from another op shop, and these gray boots from Goodwill. I’ve been wearing these boots everywhere lately! They’re so cute and comfy. They fabric, so wearing them when it’s wet results in soaked feet if I’m not very careful. But oh well!


Hi, sorry it’s been a while! I have been pretty busy with work, which is like, hey what’s new, aren’t we all? So it’s not much of an excuse. The kids I nanny are so cute! The other day I brought my Instax camera when I babysat overnight for two girls I’ve been nannying for a few years. They loved it! We did pictures of them and then they wanted to take pictures of me too. We also did nail polish, and that was fun! Except the four year old then started crying she wanted it off, but we did find nail polish remover and resolve that issue. Which was a pretty good thing for me too because I let her do my nails and while she did a great job for a four year old, she did a great job for a four year old. So I couldn’t really wear it out in public. But I was actually pretty impressed with her nail painting skills. Another child I nanny, she’s a year and a half and she loves worms! It’s so cute.

Dressing cute and nannying don’t really go together that well. So I haven’t been taking a ton of outfit photos lately. But I do have a few to share over the next few days!

I love this dress that I wore when I was a bridesmaid in Adalia’s wedding. It’s so pretty and I love the color! I got the boots at Goodwill a few years back. Somehow I keep forgetting that it’s anywhere between 40-60 degrees right now, so I keep wearing short sleeves (at least this dress has long sleeves) without a sweater. I just don’t like coats very much because if you don’t have a cute coat to go with your outfit, it kinda ruins the look. I know, I’m picky, haha! I do wear coats when necessary. I’m just not used to the Washington weather yet. I know it’s been a month but I’m still thinking hot sunny NZ.



This week has been pretty busy with work. On Tuesday evening a bunch of us from church went bowling, and that was tons of fun! On Saturday, my friends and I are having a movie night, so I’m looking forward to that. Besides that, it’s just been work and church. And man it’s so cold. I mean I know it’s spring already and if I was here for winter I would probably think that this 50 degree weather is amazing. But guys let’s face it I came from NZ where it was in the 70s and 80s. This is cold to me. It is still really beautiful out though, even if it is cold. Today the sky was so clear and blue for a bit, and it was so beautiful.

I don’t really have a ton of photos to share, and although I do have some adorable selfies with the kids I nanny, I can’t post them. One thing I love to do with the kids I nanny is art. Drawing, painting, coloring. Any of that stuff. Painting can sometimes get… interesting. Like, paint all over hands and arms, type of interesting. But the girls really enjoy it and I don’t mind the mess. I enjoy coloring and drawing with the kids too. I just think it’s really fun.

Also, I nanny a family that speaks Russian, so I have been making feeble attempts to learn a bit. I know the easy letters, and I can spell a few words. Check it out guys. I spelled a word using wooden blocks.


It is Russian for Captain. I know this word cause for a bit I had an app on my iPod that was the Russian alphabet, and the word for the letter K was kapitan. Pretty cool eh? 😉 It’s so fun to learn a new language, even just a few words. It’s like, hey! I can read this! I took Japanese for a year and a half, when I was like ten, and I still remember a bit of hiragana, one of the alphabets. Not much though. And I took three quarters of Spanish at college but I really need to review that or else I’m going to forget it and that would be really sad.

Well, I hope I will be able to take a few minutes and blog, more often. Just I think I should tell you, don’t really expect my posts to make much sense because I am a bit busy and so may at times be tired and just babbling. Anywaysss I hope y’all have a lovely day. 🙂

I’m Back…!

Wow guys, I am so sorry! I know it has been just ages since I blogged.

The rest of my stay in NZ was great! I got to go spend some time in beautiful Whangarei visiting my handsome boyfriend and meeting his awesome family.

Leaving was pretty terrible. It was so sad to say goodbye to my friends in NZ and sadly some I didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to. It was so good to get home and back to my family and friends here, though! It took a while but I’m getting back into the swing of things. It’s so weird looking back how time goes so fast, eh? I guess that’s just life. I started work last week so it’s good to be back at it.

Last week mom took photos of me and my siblings together, because most of us were together for the first time in ages. Keziah, Ezra, and Boaz weren’t here, but the rest of us were. Adalia came back from NZ for a visit and Judah was home from University for the week.

Since getting back home I’ve got to do some fun things. Grandma and Grandpa took my family out to Pizza Hut for dinner. I went up to Canada and visited with my other grandparents, and then later that week went up to Canada again to celebrate my cousin Alanna’s birthday with her, my cousin (her sister) Kayla and my aunt (their mom) Michelle, our grandma Jean, and Adalia. That was so fun. We had high tea at an adorable place in Abbotsford. Then we looked around some shops and then went to a thrift store there. Where I found an amazing old book. I actually have a nice little collection of old books, I’ll have to blog about it sometime. I got more yesterday too, at a garage sale. Another day, Mom, Adalia, Kalina, and I went to Fairhaven and looked around a book store then got Mexican food. On Friday, my church had a teen activity and that was loads of fun. We played lots of group games, and then had a devotion that was really encouraging. Afterwards I went to my friends Hannah and Briahna’s house and spent the night. We actually didn’t do normal sleepover stuff, like staying up late watching movies and talking, because we were all tired so we just went to sleep. At like midnight, so it was still late. I’m sure I’m forgetting to add a few things, but this is just a bit of what I’ve done since being home. Also, getting back to my church was really great! I loved the church I went to in New Zealand, and I had some great friends there too. I am so thankful for that church and the people there. I really miss them! There’s no place like home, though. It’s also good to be back with my siblings! I missed them a lot. Me, Kalina, Jubilee, and Avi all share a room now, and I was kinda thinking it would be… well, interesting. Not very fun. But I actually like it. It’s fun to be in the same room and it’s not as messy as I’d thought it would be. And hey, I add to the mess, not trying to say I always keep my room perfect. I will try to be better at blogging now that I’m back into a schedule.

Here’s one of my outfits from last week. The top is Old Navy, and guys, I love this shirt. I thought I’d lost it because I forgot that I’d packed it away and left it here when I went to NZ. When I found it when I got back I was so happy. The jeans are from the Warehouse in NZ, and the boots I got from Goodwill ages ago. And I did not intentionally dress in all black, y’all. It’s just that’s what matched. And yes it’s freezing cold, I did wear a cardigan. And I was still cold. I’m still getting used to dressing for this cold weather after being in warm NZ.

And here are a few photos from Alanna’s birthday tea.

This photo is so funny to me because it totally looks posed. Adalia’s happy smile as she pours my tea and I smile at the teacup. Couldn’t have been done better on purpose eh? The tea was amazing. I loved the Vanilla Bean tea. And the food…. oh my word guys! It was so good! The scones especially were just delicious. Everything. So good.



Kayaking with a Shark!

Where Adalia and I stayed in Australia, we just had to walk a short trail from the resort to get to this gorgeous beach. The colors were so amazing, the water was so many different colors of blue. We found a few tiny blue jellyfish on the sand one day, and then the next time we were there we found big blobby clearish ones that had washed up. The water was the perfect temperature, cool enough to be refreshing without being uncomfortable.

One day we decided to go on a kayak tour in Noosa. We didn’t do a ton of planning before we went to Australia, so we just took it day by day. We were lucky to get the kayak tour so last minute. We booked it the morning of. Thankfully we were in the off season. In fact, we went to Australia at the perfect time. It was right after the Christmas rush and so nothing was very crowded or busy.

For the kayak tour, we went with Epic Ocean Adventures. Our guide was Sean and there were two other people on the tour. Sean drove us along the beach for 50k or something, to get to the spot where we were kayaking. It was so gorgeous! The kayaking was really fun. I’d never done ocean kayaking before. Sean said that ocean kayaks are really hard to tip, so really, it’s kind of impressive that Adalia and I managed to tip ours. I scrambled back into that thing as quickly as I could. We were in the ocean, and in Australia, and yeah I was not going to wait for Sean to come help us get back in like he’d said to, in the event of a canoe tipping. We’d only seen a few manta rays and schools of fish at that point so it’s not like the ocean was teeming with dangerous marine life. But still. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to water, and particularly the ocean. We were hoping to be able to see dolphins, and maybe sea turtles. We saw neither, so that was a bit disappointing. But it was still a really enjoyable day and we had lots of fun. Adalia and I both started feeling a little queasy while we were sitting in the kayak, though, from the ocean rocking it.

The best part of our kayak tour? Adalia and I saw a shark. Hey you know, that means that I’ve gone swimming with sharks, because when we fell out, we were in the water, where the shark was. Pretty cool eh? We had no idea that we were going to see a shark, so at first we didn’t realize it. We were sitting in the kayak out in the ocean, and Adalia pointed out to me- look, it’s a manta ray! We watched it swim around and under our kayak and then disappear. We didn’t think too much of it until later when Sean told us that he’d seen a shark, but he hadn’t mentioned it because we wouldn’t have been able to get to where he was in time to see it because it was swimming away, and then we’d all freak out probably because there was a shark and we weren’t sure where it was. I was a bit disappointed that he hadn’t pointed it out at the time but still thought it was pretty cool that he saw it. Then afterwards Adalia and I were thinking about it and we realized that what we had seen was not in fact a manta ray, but the shark. It looked nothing like a manta ray, to be honest. Looking through the choppy ocean, you can’t really see very clearly. Our minds had jumped to manta ray because we’d seen some before and we had no idea we’d see a shark. But Adalia originally thought it was a dolphin, except that it was too dark. Dolphins and manta rays- they are totally different shapes. Dolphins and sharks, they’re pretty similar. It was the same size (about a meter and a half) as the one Sean told us he’d seen, and later we were watching a show about sharks and we were like ‘oh yeah! that’s definitely what we saw!’. So. That’s the rather lengthy and roundabout story of how we saw a shark. It swam right under our kayak! Some day I want to go in a shark cage in the ocean with great whites. For now, getting to kayak with a shark was pretty darn exciting. After the kayaking, Sean drove us to the part of the beach with the colored sands, which is this bright red and orange sand.


My swimsuit here is from Land’s End. I really love it!


Australia Zoo {Part 4}

I know I’ve been terribly boring lately saying nothing but at least I’ve got lots of pictures right? I really haven’t been doing much lately so I don’t have much to write about. I’m only here in New Zealand for another month. It sounds funny to say that. It will be so weird (in a good way) to be back at home.



We got to feed the kangaroos and wallabies! It was so fun to get up close to them.







This is what I wore the other day. I got this dress from Old Navy, and the red sweater is from an op shop in Putaruru. The heels are from Payless Shoe Source. See how I wore red, white, and blue? I felt so patriotic. Totally did that on purpose… not. I didn’t set out to be patriotic, I guess it’s just in my blood. 😉